We offer an exciting programme of workshops for Primary School children at the museum. All workshops include hands-on activities with museum staff and themed trails around the museum. Our museum is very well placed to meet the ‘Local History’ objectives of the National Curriculum containing a wealth of objects which tell the stories of life in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Half Day session costs £3 per pupil or £3.50 per pupil for Cambridge Heroes.

Full Day session costs £5 per pupil

Workshops supporting a Local History Study

Cambridge Heroes (Half Day – Years 1-4)
Mo Carter’s Boot

Come and hear some fascinating tales about local heroes, inspired by objects in our collection and find out what makes each of them special. Make a medal and decide which local character will you award it to. In the museum, use pictures and artefacts to discover how Cambridge has changed.

 Victorians in Cambridge (Full Day – Years 4-6)

The people of Cambridge want to organise a memorable event to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Coronation, and you are on the organising committee. Come and find out about this significant event in Cambridge’s history, and learn more about Victorian Cambridge.

Fen History and Folklore (Half Day – KS2)

Explore our Fenland room and find out about what life was like in the past in the Fens, with a focus on farming, local customs, stories and characters.

More History Workshops

Victorians (Half Day – Years 1-3)

Come and experience a hands-on Victorian washday, using objects such as a wash tub, posser and mangle, and then hunt for Victorian objects in our museum collection.

Toy Detectives (Full or Half Day – FS/KS1)
Photograph by Stephen Brown

Get your detective hats on and use your senses to discover whether our toys were made a long time ago or are new. Take part in our play-based, investigative handling session and examine our fantastic collection of toys in the museum.

Homes in the past (Full or Half Day – FS/KS1)

How would you survive as a housemaid or footman in a Victorian household? Come and try out some of the tasks that servants would have had to complete under the watchful eye of our housekeeper. Then look for household items from the past in our museum collection.

Changing Technology (Half Day – FS/KS1)

Come and explore machines and technology in our collection, and learn about the evolution of tools used for everyday household tasks and entertainments in a hands-on way.

Tall Tales (Half Day – KS1/LKS2)

Who will tell the tallest tale? Come and listen to stories inspired by objects in the museum. Find out about the ‘Noted Liar’ medal in our collection and then collect inspiration for your own story-telling in the museum.

And don’t forget to book our seasonal workshops…

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside’ (June/July) and A Victorian Christmas (November/December)