The Things We See – Roger

Bring me your secrets, reveal all to me
And, swallowed in my Charybdian depths,
Your existential remnants sucked away,
My pretty patterns frame your parting gifts.

Serenade me with your idle sounds!
Expel those Epicurean dinners, mundane
Fibre and exotic spice; I’ll take it
All away and out of vulgar sight.

Can I beguile you with my beauty? Porcelain
Fired in cobalt’s oriental hues.
What need to know the mechanisms of my
Fundament - the taper and the trap?

May I, your throne, await your seat, and serve
My common purpose with a regal charm.
Listen to Roger read his poem

This poem is spoken by a very common household object. What could it be?

What do you notice first about this object?
How old do you think it is?
What kind of family would have owned it?
Why do you think it was decorated like this?
Would you like this in your house today?
Should it be in a museum?

if you want to learn more about the “Volcania” then please visit its page on Capturing Cambridge.

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