Explore the marvellous mini museums created by the people of Cambridgeshire!

“I love my garden. Here are flowers and seeds from summer”
“I love where I live: the river, trees, flowers and my cat.”
“Punting on the River Cam”
“House of dreams come true”
“This is me and my brother, mum, dad, aunty, uncle, cousins and two of my grandparents, having a family picnic!”
“Seeing my friends and family- the best thing ever!”
“My local swimming pool”
“Canoeing on the River Cam”
"Jesus Green where me and my mum love to take our kite on a windy day. It’s also where I practised riding my first pedal bike just before my third birthday and where we hung out with my Dad during lockdown. "
“Jesus Green where me and my mum love to take our kite on a windy day. It’s also where I practised riding my first pedal bike just before my third birthday and where we hung out with my Dad during lockdown.”  
“I was rather sad to see Park Street Car Park go. Park Street represented our collective love of the underdog. The car park always felt – to me, without any real interest in architecture – like it’d one day be considered an iconic example of architecture of it’s era, from the harsh concrete material to the gloriously old-fashioned fonts on some of the signage, if only it could have made it past that period all buildings go through when they’re no longer modern, but not yet historic. The upright concrete pillars always – to me – resembled tall reeds at the edge of a river, allowing you to peek through at the cars, like peeking through the reeds to the ripples on the water.”
“Enjoying a dip at the lido, meeting friends for a refreshing cold swim. “
“Mum, Dad and me playing Carcassone board game”
“Trumpington Meadows”
“Family tennis match”
“I love my local park!”
“I love my school.”
“Dinky doors around Cambridge. We love the present outside Trinity.”
“I love the Museum of Cambridge and the chimpanzee!”
“The River Cam”
“I love the River Cam on a sunny day!”
“I love a millionaire’s shortbread in Costa!”
“I love walking on a sunny day along the River Cam”
“My mum having a rest on a punt on the River Cam”
“The wildflower meadows of Cambridgeshire.”
“Punting under the new bridge over the River Cam”
“Love the Cambridge open market! Literally too much to see!”
“I love Clip & Climb!”
“I like to wake up early in winter when the ground is frosty and see its sunrise”
“Grafham Water Challenge!”
“I love the Mathematical Bridge and swans on the river.”

“I love my garden, the snowman we built last winter and crafting!”
“A nighttime fire with marshmallows in our garden.”
“I love punting on the Cam and the Mathematical Bridge.”
“It represents the Fitzwilliam Museum, which is one of my favourite places to experience art, but amongst some of its famous works I have placed one of my own – maybe one day that could happen for real.”
“I love my garden and volunteering at Hinchingbrooke Park.”
“I go on the train with Mummy and Auntie Claire to the swimming pool, then we get a hot chocolate to warm up.”
“Two figures playing with sticks at Wandlebury.”
“The Museum of Zoology, with rhino skeleton, pangolin and some butterflies!”
“My swimming pool where I can see the sunset.”
“I love wildlife habitat!”
“I love the River Cam, with swans and rowing boats.”
“Expert piano and organ playing at St Paul’s Church.”
“Cambridge University – you go to Cambridge Uni, we get it!”
“Swans and Cambridgeshire sky on a walk along the River Cam.”
“Sunset, starry sky, houses. Those are Cambridge for me.”
“I love sitting at the fire at Wood Group in Abington Woods”

“I love skateboarding with my brother.”
“We love to go to the river in St. Ives to see the swans and ducks and look for fishes swimming in the water.”
“Nature in the raw. The whale’s skeleton, Zoology Museum Cambridge.”
“I enjoy exploring the universe looking through my telescope to observe the moon, stars and planets from my balcony.”
“I love to go shopping in Primark!”
“I love punts in the river Cam”
“My favourite swimming pool.”

“I love painting!”
“I love walking along my favourite patch of grass.”
“I love bowling.”
“Yo Sushi! In Cambridge – I love this food!”
“This is my favourite cafe in Cambridge. Does the best vegan food!”
“My favourite memory is playing in the park.”
“Kettle’s Yard”
“I love playing chess in Cambridge.”
“Kayaking with my daughters on the River Cam. Passing the Bridge of Sighs on a lovely summer’s day.”
“Castle Mound. This is the hill on which my parents had their civil partnership.”
“I love the Corpus Clock!”
“This is a scene of me working with a cup of tea. Feeling good!”
“The Fitzwilliam Museum.”
“Playing football in the park!”
“I’ve done Cambridge Central Library because I can watch the view and read books and sit in the chair.”
“Great St Mary’s Church and the Market on a sunny day!”
“Our weekly family meal at the Robin Hood pub”
“Feeling loved up on Jesus Green, next to the River Cam.”
“Writing poetry and drinking coffee in my adopted home town.”
“This is the Jelly Mountain in Partyman World where I had my birthday.”
“Summer stroll along the River Cam, ducks and swans.”
“I love Gymfinity!”
“I love my cat, our cargo bike, my garden & the snowman we built last winter!” 
“We love Jack’s Gelato!”
“Punting on the Cam.”
“I love going to my clubs: Heron Club, Special Choices, Active & Able, The Marriot Gym, Swimming, Gerbils and Hinchingbrooke Park.” 
“I love the book stack sculptures outside the University Library.”
“The walkway at Flag Fen.”
“I love riding my bicycle in Cambridge.”
“Jarman Centre, camping with Guides, includes tent, bedding roll, campfire and s’more.”
“Brownies at ‘Sleeping under the Wings’ at IWM Duxford, with mini aeroplane too!”
“Central Library – always gives you peace and quiet.”
“I love Shepreth Wildlife Park monkey enclosure.”
“Premier Inn. From cleaner to leader. My first job in Cambridge, that opened so many doors, so many life long heart connections.”
“Cheeky Monkeys Playbarn. Many a happy hour was spent here with my son and his friends.”
“I love the Polar Museum!”

“I love doing crafts at my craft table.”
“I love playing football with my team.”
“Fitzbillies is our family go-to for breakfast, brunch, and treats. I love the full English breakfast. It holds lots of happy family memories for me.” 
“The Fenland, the open vista, the fantastic sunsets, and the wildlife.”
“I love jumping off the 3m dive pool at Parkside Pool.”

“Football match!”
“I love my favourite stained glass window in Cambridge.”
“I love the river Cam.”
“I love Clip and Climb!”

“My beautiful pond.”

“I love Primark!”
“I love the icecream parlour!”

“I love it when I take my side classes with bubble tea!”
“I love being in my boat!”
“I made the park ferris wheel because I go on it with my family.”
“I like the dodgems at the midsummer fair.”