Help us secure the Museum’s future for generations to come

Covid-19 has dealt the Museum an unprecedented financial blow. As an independent charity we rely on admissions and donations to survive. While we have received some emergency funding, it simply won’t make up for the lack of visitors over the last 6 months – and the extended lockdowns are making the situation worse.

We’re committed to doing all we can to tell the stories of the people of Cambridge and the surrounding area that might otherwise be forgotten. 

We’re privileged to have such a wonderful collection of historical objects – from the extraordinary to the every day – and we want to make this available to as many people as possible.

Your donation today really could make all the difference.

If the Museum can make it through the present crisis, we can play our role as Cambridge’s only social history museum for many years to come. Our fundraising campaign aims to raise enough money to secure the Museum’s future until we can welcome visitors into our unique building once more.

We can only do this with your help.

  • Every donation helps us look after our unique collections.
  • Every donation helps us to get more people involved, enriching lives and making a difference.
  • Every donation – no matter what size – makes an important difference.

However you choose to give, and at whatever amount, please consider making a donation to the Museum of Cambridge today.

You can support our appeal by sharing our social media posts with your friends, colleagues or networks – we are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It all helps to spread the word and get people involved. You can also print this poster and place it in your window, to let your neighbours know you support our appeal. Thank you!