All is Revealed… The Flashmob Molly
Combining traditional and modern for a unique New Year event

The Grand Arcade, Cambridge, 6 January 2019

We breathed new life into a long held Cambridgeshire tradition with a flashmob molly dance to celebrate Plough Monday and the turn of the New Year. Our Tracing Traditions project team has engaged with people across the county through a wide range of activities including community workshops, with a view to increasing participation in molly dancing and raising the profile of local traditions and folklore.

Plough Monday marks the start of the agricultural year and is commonly celebrated on the first Monday after Twelfth Night. Molly dancing has been common to social celebrations across Cambridgeshire for centuries.

Our flashmob molly was a fusion of traditional dance and a modern “impromptu” event, surprising and entertaining onlookers as participants perform unusual or seemingly random acts before dispersing back into the surrounding crowd.

The flashmob molly begins
Flashmob molly dance off

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All is Revealed… The Flashmob Molly