Pick your favourites!

With Christmas fast approaching at the Museum we have been sprucing up the list of ‘Adopt-an-object’ items on the website.

Perhaps you have a loved one in your life for whom a particular item is special? maybe there’s something that just reminds you of them (blancmange moulds? Or a favourite beer bottle or maybe you grew up with the Be-Ro cookbook and it reminds you of many happy afternoons making their perfect shortbread recipe!)

Many of us have that one person who we aren’t quite sure what to buy for let’s be honest Uncle Geoff probably has enough novelty socks! And you can be assured with 40,000 objects the right inspiration is waiting for you in the walls of the White Horse Inn.

From magic to farming, commerce to childhood, each object is a unique record of our shared heritage. With the stories of the people who inspired, created, crafted, owned, loved and left it in our care.

This is your chance to adopt one of the Museum’s iconic and fascinating objects. You’ll receive a special information pack including a printed photograph, a certificate of adoption, and two tickets to the Museum so that you and a guest can visit your object.

Adopting an object is a great way to support the vital work done by our team of staff and volunteers who care for the objects in our collection and help preserve Cambridge’s heritage for future generations.

To adopt an object today, check out the link.

You’ll find a range of prices, starting at just £25. Because your adoption is unique, adoptions are available on a first come, first served basis. If one of our adorable objects catches your eye, act quickly to avoid missing out.

If there’s an object in the Museum that you’d love to adopt, but you can’t find it here, please let us know! You can email enquiries@museumofcambridge.org.uk or call 01223 355159 to discuss your adoption with our friendly team of staff and volunteers

Adopt an object today and help preserve Cambridgeshire’s heritage for centuries to come – The Museum of Cambridge

Pick your favourites!