The Museum of Cambridge (formerly known as the Cambridge and County Folk Museum) is currently facing significant challenges that threaten its future. It has been at the heart of Cambridge for more than eighty years but, like many small, independent heritage organisations, it is struggling to survive.

Contrary to popular belief, the Museum is not part of the University of Cambridge Museums and it does not receive any public funding for its core operation. It is wholly dependent on discretionary income and while that income continues to dwindle, the daily costs of operation continue to rise.

The Board of Trustees is taking all steps to try and ensure a practical future for the Museum by seeking financial help from funding bodies, businesses and individuals. The Trustees want the Museum to continue to operate as a viable concern and to that end we are undertaking a transition to a Trustee and volunteer led approach which we believe will build a more resilient model of operation.

We are aware that this much-loved museum and its landmark building has been a familiar part of the landscape for many Cambridge residents throughout their lives. We hope that by working closely with significant stakeholders, including the City and County Councils, we can navigate a clear path through a difficult financial situation. We believe there can be a future for the Museum and look forward to working with all our supporters and friends to make sure that our future is sustainable.

We are closing over Christmas and through January to carry out a deep clean and refresh of the Museum and plan to re-open in February. Offers of help would be very welcome. Please see our website ( for current information. The website can also be used to make donations.

If you can help in any way, please contact Sarah Ingram, Chair of Trustees, on

Sarah Ingram, Chair of Trustees
Joe McIntyre, Co-chair of Trustees

Download: PressRelease20171220

Museum of Cambridge: statement by the Chair of Trustees, 20 December 2017