Museum Making: Building a Museum for the Community

Museum Making- We’ve launched!

We are very excited to have kicked off Museum Making and got started on what promises to be a very fulfilling and challenging community project.  We are enthusiastic about meeting and working with the people of Cambridge to shape a museum for and about them and their city.

For a long time now, we have been wondering how our museum, which is so good at conserving the past of our city, can have interesting conversations with people today, and be representative of the city in its present state in the best way it can. And then we realised: we are not going to come up with the answers on our own, we need to ask the people who make Cambridge what it is!

Even with the uncertainty that the current pandemic is imposing on us, which makes planning a tad trickier than we had envisaged, we cannot wait to start thinking, creating, discussing, and making with our fellow city residents. We know that this project will bring about new ways of working that will be innovative and adaptable to the different needs of our Community Curators, especially amidst our constantly evolving situation.

Are you itching to find out more and take part? Head to our website:

Remember that if you want to become a Community Curator and help us shape this new vision of a community museum, the deadline to apply is the 10th of May at 12pm.

If you’d like to find out more before applying, you can get in touch with us at, or sign up to one of our free community workshops here:

This post was written by Florencia Nannetti, Community and Visitor Engagement Officer at the Museum of Cambridge.

Museum Making: Building a Museum for the Community