Museum on a Bike is back!

After a brief hiatus, the Museum on a Bike is back! The Bike is a brilliant way for the Museum to come together with people around Cambridge, bringing local history, objects, stories, and activities to wherever they might be.

Hi I’m Molly, the Museum on a Bike ‘biker’, and since January, I have had the pleasure of cycling the Bike all over the city to different community events, groups, and meet-ups. It has been joyous to visit so many of Cambridge’s residents and explore local history with them. Some highlights have been bringing toys and games from the past to a World Food Festival and setting up craft activities based on the collection at three half term Holiday Lunch Clubs. Children have been so excited to see and hold real things from history and imagine how life in Cambridge has changed over time. I’ve loved talking with them and seeing their creative responses.

I’ve also had the privilege of visiting some social groups at local Churches and independent living schemes. Objects can start really rich conversations about people’s lives and experiences, and discussions often take surprising and fascinating directions. I’ve especially enjoyed talking about Cambridge’s folk stories and practices. More often than not, people tell me something I did not know about a tale or are themselves skilled in a local craft or game. Everyone I’ve spoken to has had a different perspective on the Museum’s objects and stories, and it’s been a pleasure to discover them alongside the people of Cambridge.

A massive thank you to Abbey People for lending the Museum their beautiful cargo bike to keep the Museum on a Bike running! Their generosity means that I can keep travelling around while our bike undergoes maintenance. Thanks to them we’ve been able to visit coffee mornings, care homes, and community meet ups without a hitch.

The Museum on a Bike is completely free and a great way to get creative and start discussion. I am always careful to tailor sessions to each group and what they might enjoy, and would love to hear more from Cambridge residents about what they would like to see and do. Get in touch with the Museum ( if you would like a visit from the Bike!

Museum on a Bike is back!